How Does A Stewart Golf Electric Trolley Improve Your Game?

When it comes to golf, we all want to find ways to improve our game. Whether it’s taking lessons from a pro or investing in the latest and greatest equipment, we’re always looking for that edge. Here’s how our range in electric trolleys can improve your game. 

1. The X and Q electric trolleys help you conserve energy while playing, preventing fatigue and improving your game

Energy is vital for good golf – physical as well as mental – and so much energy is wasted carrying or manually pushing your bag and clubs around the course. Electric trolleys conserve that energy for what you should be focusing it on: playing your best golf. 

2. They are easy to operate and can be controlled with a simple remote control

Controlling both an X or Q electric trolley from Stewart Golf couldn’t be easier. There are forwards, reverse, left, and right directional buttons and pre-programmable “cruise control” speed settings too. 

You get to choose how to use the trolley with Stewart Golf, depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Manual mode is perfect for tight spaces, parking lots, bridges, paths, and when you’re walking between bunkers. You can guide the trolley with one hand and adjust the speed on the remote handset in the other hand, or clip the handset onto the handle to let you do both at the same time one-handed. It really is that simple and safe to use.

Remote mode is designed for around the greens or when you’re off the fairway. You can be upto 50 yards away from the trolley and still control it easily and responsive using the handset. When you get to your ball, park the machine right by it, the place the handset on the cradle when taking your shot. If you’re going to walk any distance away from the trolley you can also keep the handset with you so you can drive it to your next position, so there’s no need to keep walking to where your trolley is. Regular and Glide steering offer you even more personalisation, and so do the two programmable cruise control speeds. 

Follow is the greatest mode: and once you’ve tried it you won’t want to never have it again. The open fairway is the perfect environment for Follow: simply press the ‘Follow’ button with the handset within 20” and directly in front of the machine then clip the handset onto a pocket or a belt loop and slowly walk away in the direction that the trolley is facing. Once you start moving away from the trolley it will immediately follow constantly monitoring where you and the handset are react to your speed and movements.

When you reach your ball and stop, the Q Follow will also stop: simply put the handset on the cradle, select your club, and take your shot. Once you’re ready to start walking again, just replace your club into your bag, put the handset back on your back pocket/belt, and walk again – The Q Follow will again pick up your pace. If you ever need to stop for any reason  the Q Follow will stop behind you, and when you are ready to start walking again it will be too.

3. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that matches your personality and playing style

Elegance and style were the watchwords of the design brief for the Q Follow from Stewart Golf, combined with class-leading strength, balance, and manoeuvrability. There’s a choice of the stealthy matt black finish or a stand-out-from-the-crowd carbon fiber effect. The carry handle has been integrated to be invisible when out on the course, blending into the smooth lines of the chassis.

Designed for maximum grip and comfort, the soft touch handle is perfect when you need to steer the trolley manually. Four accessory points allow you to attach various accessories such as drinks holders to keep everything within easy reach, and a scorecard/pencil holder is built into the handle. The three-position bag straps and the bag cradle pads are both silicone to protect your bag, and hold everything firmly in place no matter how uneven the ground. Every Q Follow is also unique: no two surface finishes are the same, which means your trolley will truly be one of a kind. 

The Q Follow isn’t the only Follow trolley that Stewart Golf USA makes. The X-series has been on sale in the USA since 2005 and the latest iteration – the X10 – also offers all the amazing design and engineering quality, unbeatable Follow experience, and flexibility to choose whichever control mode you want just with a different design. More cat-like to look at and with protective covers over the battery compartment, it gives customers a choice of designs without having to compromise on quality or experience. It also comes in a choice of three colors – black, silver, or white – so however you want to look on the golf course then there’s a Follow trolley for you.

4. The trolley is designed for uneven terrain, making it easier to navigate through the course without losing your balance

A combination of four-wheel contact with the course, specific weight distribution, and low-profile custom-designed wheels and over-moulded tyres gives both X and Q electric trolleys from Stewart Golf an unrivalled low centre of gravity.

5. Most golfers report that using a Stewart Golf electric trolley has improved their scores and helped them enjoy the game more

In a survey of more than 1,000 customers more than 60% said their golf improved after buying their Stewart Golf trolley, and the average was a three-shot cut in their handicap. 85% of customers said they had more preparation time for each shot, 77% say they experienced less back and joint pain than before owning one, 83% said they walk shorter distances when playing than their playing partners, and 90% said they felt more relaxed when they use their trolley.